Conference Title: EO Data for Mapping and Monitoring Green Infrastructure in London
Dates: 2pm, 16th October 2018
Location: GLA offices, London

The Greater London Authority is developing a new tool to help London’s decision-makers identify where green infrastructure improvements and investments might be best targeted, and what kind of interventions might be most useful for the needs of a specific area.

This workshop, which will be held at the GLA offices on 16th October, is part of the Green Great Britain Week and was convened by the London Climate Change Partnership and the Space4Climate group.

The workshop will enable members of the Earth Observation (EO) data supply chain to meet with the team behind the tool, share with them appropriate data and availability for ongoing updates to the GI webmap tool. There will also be the opportunity to discuss how EO data can inform and support the wider work of the Greater London Authority in maintaining and protecting London’s environment.

Green Infrastructure in this context refers to the network of green spaces, river and wetlands (as well as features such as street trees and green roofs) that is planned, designed and managed to deliver a range of benefits, including healthy living, mitigating flooding, improving air and water quality, cooling the urban environment, encouraging walking and cycling and enhancing biodiversity and ecological resilience.

Expressions of interest are invited from those involved in the Earth Observation data supply chain, with an understanding of how climate EO data can support city green infrastructure mapping and monitoring in London.

Confirmation of places will be given by Monday 8th October.

If you have data or a service/application of relevance but cannot make the 16th October, please register your expression of interest so that we can pass on the details to the GLA.

Workshop programme*

13:50 Registration -meet in reception for those joining in person, sign in online for those joining via webinar

14:00 Welcome by conveners

14:10 City perspective and webmap demonstration – Abby Crisostomo, Senior Policy & Programme Officer – Environment, Greater London Authority

14:30 Borough perspective

14:50 Q & A

15.00 Show & Tell

Attendees each have a time-limited slot to give feedback on their experience testing the webmap tool and have the opportunity to show a dataset / infrastructure / service / application they think could be used or considered for future use in the tool.

16:00 Discussion -chaired with a focus on the challenges of integrating EO data into the tool and how EO data can inform and support the wider work of the Greater London Authority in maintaining and protecting London’s environment.

16:20 Chair’s summary

16:30 Workshop close

*this maybe subject to change before the event

The workshop will be followed by informal networking drinks in The White Hart, 22 Great Suffolk St, London SE1 0UG