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Help shape the UK space strategy: stakeholder workshops

The Government is developing a new strategy to implement the principles set out in the 2015 National Space Policy and support the ambition of capturing 10% of the global space market by 2030. This will replace the previous Civil Space Strategy and align with the government’s developing Industrial Strategy.

ukspsaceeventAs part of the process, the UK Space Agency is holding workshops at a number of locations across the UK to gain the insight of stakeholders and help shape and test UK Space Agency policy development.

Take this opportunity to have your say by registering via the following link:

The dates and locations are as follows:

· Manchester: 1230-1600hrs on Monday 31 October 2016
· Belfast: 1230-1600hrs on Tuesday 1st November 2016
· Cardiff: 1230-1600hrs on Wednesday 2nd November 2016
· London: 1230-1600hrs on Thursday 3rd November 2016
· Glasgow: 1230-1600hrs on Friday 4th November 2016
· Harwell: 1230-1600hrs on Monday 7th November 2016

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