The international conference “Commercialisation of Space – Realising UK Goals for Innovation and Growth” organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society and sponsored by BARSC member Telespazio VEGA UK, was held in London on 21-22 November 2017.

Luigi Pasquali, CEO of Telespazio, illustrated the far-reaching changes that the innovative development process is bringing about in relation to space in sectors such as Earth Observation, satellite communications, navigation, and launchers.

Mr Pasquali went on to say that these changes are resulting in significant development of the “new space economy” that, along with innovation, facilitates strengthening of international cooperation in the markets and in the implementation of products.

Telespazio’s CEO concluded by saying that the UK provides the best conditions for playing a leadership role in this new phase of cooperation and development.

Speakers from Telespazio VEGA UK included the CEO, Marco Folino, who gave the welcome speech on day 2 of the conference and Head of Innovation and Technology Governance, Richard Lowe, who gave a presentation on EO for Geo-Information and Climate Services. Dr Geoff Busswell, Head of Business Development for Satellite Systems and Operations, chaired the session on Exploitation of Earth Observation Data.

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