The British Association of Remote Sensing Companies actively promotes the interests of all organisations and individuals who work with remote sensing technology and data. Remote Sensing (or Earth Observation) includes companies and organisations involved in satellite building and launching, processing, distributing and selling the collected data as well as offering expert services to make best use of this incredible resource. It is not surprising to know that Remote Sensing is an industry that contributes a huge amount of revenue to the UK economy and supports thousands of jobs.

The government certainly recognises that the UK is a leading remote sensing authority in the world, hightlighted by the support it gave to the creation of the UK Space Agency (htpp:// at Harwell. That multi-million pound investment has seen the creation of excellent meeting, presentation, research and collaboration facilites as well as a much wider focus and concentration on the space industry.

The British Association of Remote Sensing Companies has a key role to play in this expanding marketplace by ensuring that the requirements of its members are fully represented and that end-user customers, investors, academia and the public understand that offerings from each of the companies.

BARSC organises a full calander of meetings and presentations throughout the year to give members as many opportunities as possible to communicate the benefits of their products and services as well as making representations to government organisations of behalf of members.