• Name: Alistair Maclenan
  • Title: BARSC Chairman
  • Company: Quarry One Eleven
  • Position: Managing Director

Alistair is the Past-Chair of BARSC and the Managing Director of the marketing agency for geo-spatial companies; Quarry One Eleven. The company combines a knowledge of marketing and the geo-industry to raise the profile of geospatial companies.

  • Name: Richard Burren
  • Title: Treasurer
  • Company: NPA Satellite Mapping, CGG
  • Position: Director

Richard is the Director of NPA Satellite Mapping, a world-leading supplier of satellite images, multi-client products and bespoke mapping services. With over 12 years of remote sensing experience, Richard has worked on a wide variety of projects with private and public sector clients across the world.

  • Name: Andrew Groom
  • Title: Vice-Chairman
  • Company: CGI
  • Position: Business Development Manager

Andrew is a Business Development Manager with CGI. His focus in on growing the EO exploitation part of the CGI Space activities. Andrew holds an MSc in Geographic Information Management and has a background in Earth Observation and financial services.

  • Name: Sam Lavender
  • Title: Past-Chairman
  • Company: Pixalytics Ltd.
  • Position: Director & EO Scientist

Sam has over 15 years of remote sensing research experience, which she combines with her commercial interests to focus on the development of end user applications. As well as her post of Chair of BARSC, Sam has also been involved with the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society (RSPSoc) and the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL).

  • Name: Alex Farman
  • Title: Company Secretary
  • Company: Telespazio VEGA Ltd
  • Position: Earth Observation Consultant

Alex is a consultant at Telespazio VEGA specialising in satellite remote sensing and derived products.
With over 15 years of remote sensing experience, Alex has worked on a wide variety of projects for both private and public sector clients.

  • Name: Chandra Amber Taposeea
  • Title: Executive Member
  • Company: isardSAT UK
  • Position: R&D Scientific/Technical Manager

Chandra is a Marine and Numerical Geophysicist, focusing on a multi-sensor approach to remote sensing data. She started working at isardSAT in 2017 and enjoys the mixture of research, technical, policy, and commercial based projects at the company. She is passionate about outreach, and helping wider communities to understand the capabilities and advantages of using remote sensing data.

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