BARSC Executive Committee member Anne Kemp has won the the Best Paper Award at the recent agi Conference.

Anne’s paper – entitled BIM isn’t Geospatial – or is it? – sort to tackle the mis-conceptions around Building Information Modeling (BIM) and explore how the geo-community can help realise the full potential of this discipline.

Having worked in the GI and environmental industry for 25 years, Anne is now the Technical Director at Atkins for Integrating Digital Solutions. Whilst growth of the Geospatial business has been her passion for 15 years, Anne now focuses on delivering IM solutions across the whole life cycle of infrastructure projects through convergence of digital technologies, e.g. CAD, GIS and BIM

To read Anne’s paper simply click on the following link (3.4 Mb): BIM isn’t Geospatial – or is it?