The BARSC Look Down Lecture

Given on Thursday 21st March

Online – 12.30pm GMT

The aim of the BARSC Look Down Lecture Series is to present interesting, novel and unusual applications of earth observation technology – a term that encompasses satellite images, software, solutions development etc. – to as wide an audience as possible.

Hopefully, those attending these 20-minute online lectures will not only enjoy learning something new but that the content will spark a desire to learn more about the benefits of using earth observation in their workflows.

We were delighted that Wim Zwijnenburg gave the inaugural BARSC Look Down Lecture.

Wim is the Project Leader, Security & Disarmament with the Dutch peace organisation, PAX for Peace and a long-time contributor to the Bellingcat open-source investigation collective.

He conducts pioneering research into the impact of conflict on the environment using a combination of remote sensing imagery and open-source investigations whilst campaigning to improve protection of the environment in armed conflict and mainstreaming this in humanitarian response.
Wim received the UN Environment/UN OCHA Green Star Award in 2017 for work on environment in conflicts.

Rules of the BARSC Look Down Lectures

BARSC does not pay our presenters but will make a £50 donation to a charity of their choice in recognition of their time and efforts.

The Look Down Lectures are open to anyone to attend but only people working for BARSC Member Companies will be able to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

We will record the Look Down Lectures but these will only be made available to BARSC Member Companies.