BARSC Member Companies

Enabling organizations to make sustainable decisions for their businesses and the planet through ultimate scientific data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.

ARGANS works with both airborne and satellite-based remote sensing and geographical information systems (GIS) to map and monitor the marine, atmospheric and terrestrial environments.

AWS Aerospace & Satellite helps customers reimagine how they design, launch, operate, and maintain space systems, derive insights to make better decisions faster, and accelerate innovation.

We deliver complex, mission-critical space software systems for clients across Europe, Australia, Asia and North America supporting satellite navigation, communications and operations, space science, to space enabled applications.

We harness the unique capabilities of Earth observation satellites to address a diverse range of challenges faced by the Energy, Mining, Engineering, Environment and Defense sectors.

We have expertise in all the phases of a space mission, from design to development and operations, with the capability to lead complete space missions.

We reduce the complexity and cost of geospatial insight, so you can harness its power without needing your own expertise or large budgets.

Environment Systems is an environmental and agricultural data consultancy. We are trusted providers of evidence and insight to governments and industry across the world.

A UK SME focused on Earth observation applications with a proven 20-year track record working around the world with local teams building operational systems to provide environmental information feeding into national services.

 Utilising our multi-mission ground station at the German Aerospace Center, our team of geospatial experts bring together unique partnerships, innovative techniques and tailored services to achieve results for any project.

Geocento enables you to select imagery from more suppliers than anyone else, with the assurance that we are impartial and independent, often saving you significant time and money.

ICEYE’s expansive constellation of NewSpace satellites unlocks unparalleled access to valuable data on any location on Earth — around the clock, in all weather conditions.

isardSAT carries out scientific & technology projects in the Earth Observation field, developing on-board and on-ground algorithms to process microwave instruments data

We turn client feedback and industry insight into cutting-edge solutions designed to deliver comprehensive functionality and meet insurers’ needs.

Analytics. Insights. Answers you can trust.
For more than four decades, our commitment to developing scientifically proven solutions using cutting-edge technologies has remained constant.

Piesat is based on the spaceground integrated perception network of satellites, drones, and ground sensors to perceive the real physical world and build a digital twin world.

Pixalytics is an independent consultancy specialising in Earth observation combining cutting-edge scientific knowledge with satellite and airborne data to provide answers to questions about our planet’s resources and behaviour.

Planet provides daily satellite data that helps businesses, governments, researchers, and journalists understand the physical world and take action.

The Business Development Agency for Space & Geospatial Companies

Our engineers and scientists work on some of the most complex missions for both institutional and commercial clients.

Planet provides daily satellite data that helps businesses, governments, researchers, and journalists understand the physical world and take action.

RSAC offers technical expertise in satellite image processing, analysis, product and systems development, project management capabilities, for the research and development of agriculture and forestry EO applications.

The Satellite Applications Catapult is at the heart of the satellite services revolution, driving take-up of space technology and applications to shape, and sustain, the world of tomorrow.

Expert consultancy on the applications and exploitation of satellite oceanography

Space ConneXions UK has over 20 years experience in managing teams of scientists and engineers on climate-related EO projects funded by the UK and EU government bodies and the European Space Agency.

Spacemetric delivers affordable, high-performance software solutions to generate analytics-ready data from satellite and airborne sensors to drive AI.

Specto Natura provides insight in to how humans use the natural world, through the expert application of Earth Observation data.

After years of experience in satellite-derived asset monitoring, Spottitt is developing the best AI for critical infrastructure risk assessment and asset management, which provides powerful insights to plan, develop, monitor and manage assets remotely, at scale.

Building world-leading small satellites for 40+ years

Telespazio UK is one of Europe’s leading players in the space applications and services sector, with more than 40 years’ experience providing consulting, technology and engineering services.