To support everyone working within the commercial sector of remote sensing, we have brought together a number of links to useful documents that have been released by various organisations and industry bodies. We will add to this page as often as we find something useful, so remember to check back every so often.

Document Downloads

Date Released Publisher Description Download Link
December 2022 European Space Agency In the context of critical environmental, social and economic challenges, like climate change or the energy crisis, all compounding the damage from the Covid-19 pandemic, space has an ever more important role to play.
November 2022 Science and Technology Committee The £16 billion space and satellite industry in the UK is flourishing finds the Commons Science and Technology Committee in a new Report published today. However, the approach to space policy across Government is “disjointed and unclear” and lacks coherence.
October 2022 EU Space Agency for the Space Programme Sixteen downstream market segments have been identified by EUSPA, in which applications powered or enabled by Earth Observation play an influential role. These are monitored and reported on regularly in the EUSPA EO and GNSS Market Report.
October 2022 House of Commons Defence Committee The report finds that, ‘while space is of increasing importance to defence, this reliance comes with risk. Space systems are under threat of deliberate attack from our adversaries and accidental damage from collisions in an ever-more contested and congested space environment’.
September 2022 ESA / PwC ESA has mandated a study of its core Earth Observation programme, FutureEO, to serve as a follow up and update of the PwC study completed for ESA in 2019 that identified the socio-economic benefits of the FutureEO Programme.
July 2022 The Policy Exchange Copernican Revolution – A UK space policy reform agenda outlines the Policy Exchange’s view that the UK must exit EU’s Copernicus Programme and lays out a “Plan B” policy package with four key pillars.
July 2022 Australian Space Agency Published in July 2022, the 2021 State of Space Report documents the Australian Government’s civil space responsibilities and activities from 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021.
July 2022 UK Space Agency The Corporate Plan sets out the work the UK Space Agency will deliver in 2022 to 2025.
June 2022 Satellite Applications Catapult This study, jointly funded by the Geospatial Commission and Satellite Applications Catapult aims to understand what the biggest value opportunities are. It identifies and describes current and potential uses of EO data across the UK public sector and describes how EO data can be better leveraged to realise greater value.
June 2022 GEO Group on Earth Observations The GEO Secretariat has published a report examining the level of engagement between the 64 GEO Work Programme (GWP) activities and users and decision makers in two of the four GEO engagement priority areas, Climate Action and Disaster Risk Reduction, and one cross-cutting area, Capacity Development.
June 2022 Geospatial Commission The Geospatial Commission’s Annual Plan 2022/23 reflects on key priorities and developing trends impacting the use of geospatial data. It outlines progress made on the four missions set out in the UK’s Geospatial Strategy, published in June 2020, and key actions to continue to deliver them over the coming year.
April 2022 European Space Agency Our planet is surrounded by spacecraft carrying out important work to study our changing climate, deliver global communication and navigation services and help us answer important scientific questions. But their orbits are churning with deadly fragments of the past – fast-moving pieces of defunct satellites and rockets trapped in orbit – that threaten our future in space.
February 2021 UK Space Agency Commissioned in the summer of 2020 by UKSA, this survey gathered information on the industry’s recruitment and training practices and identified current and emerging skills needs in order to contribute to the industry consideration as to how skills supply can be maintained and improved..
May 2020 Harwell Space Cluster How to realise the ambition to reach 200 organisations collectively employing 5,000 people by 2030.
September 2019 PUBLIC Team How Government can take Advantage of the Space and Satellites Opportunity
September 2019 Group on Earth Observations GEO Work Programme for 2020-2022 Summary Document is available for download
April 2019 Australian Space Agency The Australian Civil Space Strategy outlines the Government’s plan to transform and grow their space industry over 10 years.
April 2019 UK Space Agency A directory showcasing the range of UK’s expertise in satellite technology, and how it can help tackle problems such as illegal deforestation, disaster response and food production.
October 2018 UK Space Agency This report is produced under the International Partnership Programme (IPP), a five-year, £152 million programme run by the UK Space Agency.
October 2018 UK Space Agency UK Spaceport Business Case: An independent report completed by Frost & Sullivan, commissioned by the UK Space Agency, to assess the potential market for UK small satellite launch services or spaceports.
July 2018 London Economics & Innovate UK London Economics was commissioned by Innovate UK to evidence the current and near-term potential value of satellite-derived Earth Observation (EO) capabilities to the UK government for civil and domestic purposes.
March 2018 Government Office for Science This report considers the role that science and technology can play in understanding and providing solutions to the long-term issues affecting the sea. It outlines a number of recommendations to help the UK utilise its current expertise and technological strengths to foster trade links, build marine capacity across the world and collaborate to tackle climate change.