With more member companies, BARSC is able to talk more loudly on behalf of the British remote sensing industry.

We would be delighted if your company became a new member and, if you have an office in the UK and the majority of your business is considered to be within the ‘remote sensing’ world, you should qualify.

The application process is as simple as filling out the form below. Once we receive your application, the Executive Committee will make the decision to either welcome you to BARSC or explain our reasons for saying no, so please fill it out as fully as possible.

The levels of membership are:


£350 per year – Standard membership of BARSC with full voting rights and nomination to the Executive.


£50 per year – Membership for micro or start-up companies and individuals; rights are the same as for the Corporate members.


£350 per year – Membership for UK-based non-commercial organisations and those with offices located outside the UK. Observer members are not allowed to stand for election to the Executive.

BARSC Membership Application Form