Conference Title: Atlantic from Space
Dates: 23rd – 25th January 2019
Location: National Oceanography Centre, Southampton​

This workshop will assess the opportunities for Atlantic region focussed EO research and development, downstream activities and ICT evolution, which may be the basis for future ESA investments to address some of the key information needs of this important area.

These opportunities will be framed with respect to emerging Earth science, development of novel applications, testing innovative information services and implementing required upgrades to capabilities to manage and manipulate large data volumes.

Main workshop objectives are:

1. To review the main requirements from geo-information in the Atlantic region from science to information services;

2. To review the main activities, projects and initiatives taking place in the region where Earth Observation may contribute;

3. To assess the potential of the increasing observation capacity offered by satellites to address the needs for science, applications and future information services;

4. To characterise gaps and identify high-level requirements and associated solutions for support ICT infrastructure in the Atlantic region, including the basis for developing an Atlantic Regional Earth Observation Exploitation Platform.

The workshop is organised around invited oral presentations and discussions.

Sessions are designed around dedicated topics related to the workshop’s objectives.

An interactive session will be organised around selected posters.