Event: BARSC (Cyber) Huddle VIII
Title: EO During Lockdown
Date and Time: 14:00 – 15:30 23rd October 2020

Everyday huddles maybe banned but the BARSC Huddle is unstoppable and so, we are continuing online!

BARSC (Cyber) Huddle VIII will, as always bring together BARSC Members, speakers and (hopefully) other industry organisations to discuss what matters to the earth observation community in this country and across the world.

This time around we are looking at the subject that has dominated all of our lives during this strange year and what impact Lockdown has had on the earth observation industry.

Chair, Alastair Graham commented: “It’s been a strange year so far, and it looks as if it’s about to get stranger! We will grasp the nettle during this next Huddle and explore “EO during lockdown”.

We are looking for speakers with tales to tell of how you’ve dealt with the change to business in the last 6 months. Handy tips, amusing stories, new software finds, changes in working practice, sanity checks – anything you think our attendees would be interested in, come along and let us know what you have been doing this summer.”

As fantastic as it would be to see everyone face-to-face, we simply can not do that so, once again this Cuddle will be virtual.

Presentations, discussions and networking will all still be possible but from the comfort of your own home.

Please complete the form below if you would like to attend and / or present your work that you have completed during lockdown or ideas for the future of Earth Observation.

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