The British Association of Remote Sensing Companies (BARSC) is extremely pleased to announce that the latest company to become a member is Innovation Intelligence Group (IIG).

BARSC works to promote the products and services of its members throughout the remote sensing community and beyond. The Association holds regular meetings to bring key stakeholder organizations, industry and research professionals and BARSC members together. These meetings promote ideas and knowledge exchange that can be vital for future collaborations.

IIG helps organizations commercialize technology and create new enterprise with customer driven value propositions and the right business model to ensure successful market traction. IIG partners with firms of any size providing consulting, eMentoring, training and research services (their clients include start-ups and multinational organizations) with a focus on customer-driven growth.

IIG will review every aspect of their client company’s structure, strategic goals, target markets and all other relevant criteria before designing a strategy for growth. With this strategy in place, IIG ensures that benchmarks are designed to carefully measure the success of their involvement.
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