In partnership with the organisers of the forthcoming Commercial UAV Show, we are delighted to be able to offer BARSC Members a 15% discount on the price of entry to the Premium Conference.

Reasons to attend the conference include:

  1. See the range of UAVs and support services that are making surveys quicker & more effective.
  2. Learn how others are using UAVs to perform inspections more safely, quickly and thoroughly.
  3. Meet suppliers from all over the world who will show you how UAVs can be used in aerial photographyand search and rescue.
  4. Evaluate costs and benefits of the different UAV systems for surveys, inspections, aerial photography, search and rescue and more.
  5. Buy new UAVs and UAV systems.
  6. Network – new for 2017, pre-registered visitors have access to the event networking app.
  7. Get new ideas for your business. Or for a new business.

Have a look at the Commercial UAV Show Agenda to learn more and contact the BARSC Executive Committee for details of how to receive the membership discount.