Smart Data Solutions, part of CGG’s Geoscience division, has released a significantly enhanced version of PleXus, its powerful cloud-based online data management portal.

The new PleXus system offers today’s E&P industry users a scalable, flexible and cost-effective solution for easy, fast and focused access to the important subsurface geoscience assets they need to perform their daily tasks.

New features and functionality in PleXus simplify the complexities of managing ever expanding volumes of different types of physical and electronic assets and associated meta data.

Its enhanced interface enables users to easily search, order and view corporate data assets via a single, customizable dashboard, offering powerful search and reporting, easy data upload/download, GIS mapping and a convenient “Frequently Used” area to return to recent project work.

Standardized data structures also meet industry requirements for long-term data continuity and integrity.

Designed and built for internet and cloud access, PleXus offers a variety of security features to protect data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

These include the usual measures such as authentication credentials, time-based revision and non-use expiration, brute force attack lock-out, and encrypted password storage as well as more needs-based options for entitlements to allow more specific operational and data access.

Kerry Blinston, VP, Smart Data Solutions, CGG, said: “This PleXus release comes at a time when our industry needs to take control of its data with time-saving technology that will boost performance and mitigate costs. Its enhanced capabilities simplify access and eliminate unnecessary ‘mouse-clicks’, while securing long-term data governance and providing cloud-based flexibility and scalability. PleXus offers an intuitive solution to the challenges of today’s corporate G&G data management, enabling companies to gain full value from their data.”