A detailed understanding of the Earth Observation services sector and significant trends is essential to help stakeholders to plan their activities and to assess the effectiveness of their actions.

Hence, industry has a strong interest to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is available which can be presented to the policy makers and support development of the sector.

In this respect, EARSC is conducting a survey of all companies that are involved in the EO services sector: from satellite operators, value-added providers through to downstream GIS companies; indeed any company making use of satellite data, however small, in its business.

In the coming weeks, EARSC secretariat will be contacting companies to gather information about business activities which will bring our understanding of the sector up-to- date.

Companies will be invited to complete an on-line survey gathering information on, for example, where are companies located, what is their ownership structure, which are the key sectors they operate in and what are their annual revenues?

EARSC is firstly trying to identify as many companies as possible in Europe which are involved in providing EO geo-information services.

If your company makes use of satellite data in whatever way or form then we should like to hear from you so that you can be included in the survey. Please contact EARSC executive secretary Monica Miguel-Lago at secretariat@earsc.org