Environment Systems has become a preferred supplier of Ecological Mapping to the South West, South East and North West Coastal Monitoring Frameworks for England. Coastal monitoring provides a sound scientific basis to inform strategic coastal management, including Shoreline Management Plans.

Our coast is an important habitat, amenity, and defence against the sea. Managing it requires a careful balance between environmental considerations, climate change, flood and coastal risk management. The data provided by long-term coastal monitoring is essential in helping this to be achieved.

The National Network of Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes comprises five framework agreements. Managed by a number of lead Local Authorities the frameworks provide a regional co-ordinated and integrated approach to evidence gathering. Each framework is centred on a separate geographic region in England serving a designated length of coastline. Most framework programmes will include beach profiles, bathymetric data, wave and tidal measurements, aerial surveys and ecological mapping.

Monitoring data is used to inform strategic studies, evidence based decisions, determine design conditions, plan intervention strategies and to check compliance with environmental requirements.

“We are delighted to become a preferred supplier of Ecological Mapping for these three Coastal Monitoring frameworks” said Steve Keyworth, Commercial Director.

“This builds on recent work that Environment Systems has been involved in such as the revised Phase 1 habitat survey for the whole of Wales including the entire Welsh coastline. We have also carried out coastal monitoring work in the Tweed catchment in Scotland and an important length of Irish coastline in Galway. The Coastal Monitoring frameworks will help to improve the understanding and impact of climate change and sea level rise, and in particular on biodiversity in areas of salt marsh which play host to so many important species.”