Applications are hereby invited for membership of a UK EO Mission Advisory Group (EOMAG), with a role to peer review potential EO projects (missions, instruments and technologies). The Group will support work being carried out for the UK Space Agency by the Centre for EO Instrumentation and Space Technology in assessing potential bilateral mission opportunities.

The main tasks of the EOMAG will be to advise and make recommendations on:

  • the needs of the UK EO community for data from future observations of Earth from space;
  • advising on the medium and long-term EO priorities for the UK, taking account of the interests of the scientific, industrial and commercial aspects of the EO community;
  • assessing the priorities for the UK community for future bilateral EO missions, instruments and EO technology developments;
  • the necessity for technology development activities prior to implementation;

The full terms of reference will be considered by the EOMAG at its first meeting. The EOMAG will operate under the normal government rules of confidentiality.

Applications for membership are invited from all sectors of the EO community, academic and industrial. Particular areas of skills and knowledge sought include:

  • EO science and technology expertise
  • Space segment implementation expertise
  • Understanding of potential applications for both public good and economic growth

The EOMAG will be time limited, with up to 3 meetings planned:

1. Tuesday 15th April 2014, London

2. First half of June (2nd-13th) 2014, final date and venue tbd

3. A third meeting in the autumn if required

To apply for membership, send a letter of application to Ray Fielding at the UK Space Agency: , by 31st March 2014. The maximum length of the letter should be 2 pages, plus a copy of your current CV (also 2 pages maximum length), and it should include the following:

  • the applicants area(s) of expertise and current activity
  • appropriate qualities including knowledge of the subject area
  • experience of serving on committees
  • justification of applicant’s suitability for EOMAG membership
  • any possible conflicts of interest

In addition please confirm your availability for the initial meeting and for a meeting in early June.