ESA has undertaken a review of the EOEP-3 programme, as part of preparations towards the formulation of the EOEP-4 programme proposal.

The EOEP-3 review has focussed on the science, technology and programmatic aspects of the programme and I attach the findings of this review which ESA will present to PBEO Delegations on 15th and 16th May, for discussion.

In preparation for the meeting with ESA, UK Space has asked for a formal reaction from BARSC on these findings. They would like this by 10th June and hence all members are asked to send their comments to before the close of business on 8th June.


1. Science Review – Download
2. Mission Preparation & Technology – Download
3. Development of Earth Explorer missions – Download
4. Ground segment management & missions operations – Download
5. Mission exploitation – Download
6. EOEP communications highlights –Download