SSTL is holding an online workshop to introduce the HydroGNSS mission, the science behind the retrievals, the products anticipated at Data Levels 2 and 2, their relationship to Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) and the plans for calibration and validation of the results.

The workshop will discuss lessons learnt from previous reflectometry missions, and how future HydroGNSS products could be accommodated alongside other data into climate and meteorological models to improve hydrological and climate knowledge.

This workshop is aimed at potential users of HydroGNSS measurements for climate and meteorological models, researchers working in complementary EO missions, and those with an interest in GNSS reflectometry as a future Earth observation technique sustainable through the use of small satellite constellations.

The Agenda for the workshop can be seen here: Workshop Agenda and to sign up for your place click the link: Workshop Sign Up