A one day workshop sponsored by the European Space Agency in collaboration with Welsh Assembly Government and Low Carbon Research Institute will be held at ECM2, Port Talbot on 7th April starting at 10 am.

The event will focus on the potential for space technologies to address the challenges of marine energy deployment. The participants are invited to put forward views, issues and requirements that will assist ESA in identifying possible topics for funded projects in the domain of offshore renewable energy and its interactions with maritime transport and the environment. The principal topic of the workshop is that of wildlife and environmental impact, especially in terms of assessing and reducing the impact of offshore energy installations upon sea birds, mammals, fish and cetaceans

The workshop will also address additional areas at the discretion of the participants, including e.g. some of the following:

  • Collision avoidance with shipping, including fishing boats and small vessels which are not equipped with AIS.
  • Enhancement of maritime distress and safety services applicable to offshore renewable areas.
  • Meteorological forecasting and reporting, for offshore renewable energy specific activities.
  • Measurement of tidal flows and turbulence.

The workshop will bring together leaders from industry, government and academia as well as space industry experts, to explore opportunities for space technology (Satellite Navigation, Satellite communications, Earth observation) to address the challenges posed.

The expected outcome will be to develop:

  • Definition of a user group for collaboration with ESA
  • Inputs that will assist ESA to develop possible, Pan-European open competitions for feasibility studies in the domain of offshore renewable energy; and
  • the potential to form consortia to make outline proposals to ESA’s Integrated Applications Promotion programme (IAP), for part-funded feasibility studies and demonstration projects.

The proposed agenda is:

10.00 Registration – tea coffee

10:15 Welcome

10:30 Introduction to the ESA Integrated Applications Promotion Programme (IAP): what it is and how to engage with it.

11:00 Marine energy deployment plans in Wales and their challenges and stakeholders: development of a marine GIS mapping tool and assessment of the supply chain in Wales.

11:30 Capturing key challenges and requirements identified by the audience – discussion group. Please feel free to bring short presentations or other material to help articulate requirements.

12:10 Space technologies and their capabilities: GNSS (Satellite Navigation Services), Earth Observation and Remote Sensing, Satellite Communications.

12:45 Lunch

13:30 Working group discussions around the key issues and potential solutions.

14:30 Sharing ideas

15:00 Agreeing next steps

15:30 Close

To register or for further information please click on the following email Melissa.hodges@wales.gsi.gov.uk (the link will automatically cc Alan Brunstrom)

For details on ECM2: http://wales.gov.uk/ecm2