Taking into consideration the role of early warning systems in minimizing damages and losses in case of disasters, UN-SPIDER is organizing the United Nations/Germany Expert Meeting on the Use of Space-based Information in Early Warning Systems with the financial support from the Government of Germany.

The main objectives of the expert meeting are to raise awareness concerning the most recent advances regarding the use of space-based information in early warning systems and disaster preparedness; to identify and systematize areas where space-based information can improve the functionality of existing early warning systems; to identify knowledge management strategies that can facilitate access to and use of space-based information in early warning and preparedness; and to bridge the space and the early warning communities.

Date: 26-27 June 2013
Place: Bonn, Germany

Participants: The expert meeting is expected to bring together a selected number of participants from national, regional, and international public and private organizations representing the space as well as the disaster-risk and emergency response communities. Financial Support: A number of qualified applicants from developing countries, who have expressed the need for financial support, will be offered financial support to attend the expert meeting.

Application Deadlines:
For funded participation: 31 March 2013
For non-funded participation: 15 May 2013

For more information and to apply online, visit the UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal

Download the flyer (355 KB)