The Royal Society,
6-9 Carlton House Terrace,
London, SW1Y 5AG

This conference will bring together two technologies, satellites and agritech, that were listed among the last government’s “eight great” technologies. The UK has an opportunity to lead in both the development and application of satellite technologies for environmental observation (EO).RoyalSocAgri

The pace of change in our capacity to observe the planet, and the growing ability to apply new ‘big data’-style analytics is transforming the way that we understand our environment, and the way that we interact with it. This has profound implications for future agriculture, which is both a contributor to the environmental ecosystem, and significantly impacted by the risks of future climate change.

There is a clear value chain connecting the space/environmental observation technology developers with the end-users in the agriculture community. In the middle of this value chain are intermediary companies which convert the “big data” produced by the EO technologies, and through data visualisation convert it into a format that the end-user can engage with. Ensuring that these three groups are linked is key in ensuring the successful adoption of EO technologies by the agricultural community.

Bridging the gap between research and end-user will be the focus of this conference, which will be achieved by bringing together the EO and agritech communities in a structured, workshop like event. The conference will feature presentations by members of a range of relevant communities, articulating the needs of the end-user and the capabilities of the current technologies. In doing so, we will bring interested communities together to find common goals and points of collaboration which will show how EO can be used to improve productivity and resilience in UK agritech and how the UK can become a world leader in this field.

Attending this event

This event is intended for representatives from industry, academia and government who have an interest in the use of environmental oberservation in agritech. Please click here to register to attend or contact the Industry team for more information.