The Centre for EO Instrumentation (CEOI) has announcec the release of the 11th Call for EO Technology and Instrumentation Development Proposals.

The CEOI is looking to fund projects which will develop world-leading UK EO technologies for future operational or commercial missions, with a particular interest in technologies which will create export opportunities.

The total budget available for the Call is £3.4M with additional funds required from industrial bidders. Successful proposals will identify the timeliness of the development and expect to generate a substantial return on investment.

They will identify implementation opportunities through an in-orbit demonstration or other space mission, where targeted investment will significantly improve the likelihood of adoption of the technology by the mission(s). Proposals that raise TRL through deployment on CubeSats, HAPS or airborne demonstration are acceptable under this Call.

Full proposals are due for submission by noon on 17th January 2018.

The Call is open to industry, HEIs and other research organisations based in the UK. Collaborative proposals involving industrial and other partners of all types are strongly encouraged. Proposals will need to be aligned to the UK Space Agency ‘EO Technology Strategy’.

Bidders may request a 30 minute confidential telephone conference for clarification of any parts of the Call with Professor Mick Johnson, CEOI Director and/or Dr Chris Brownsword, CEOI Technical Director at the following times

  • Thursday 16 November 2017 between 09:30-12:30 (30 min slots)
  • Monday 20 November 2017 between 14.00-16:30 (30 min slots)
  • Thursday 23 November 2017 between 09.30-11:30 (30 min slots)

Please click on the Doodle Poll link to secure a time slot