1507The GEO-CRADLE project brings together key players fully representing the Regions of N. Africa, M. East, and Balkans, and the complete EO value added chain therein, with the overarching objective of establishing a multi-regional coordination network that will promote, (a) the concrete uptake of the EO services and data in response to the adaptation to climate change, improved food security, access to raw materials, and energy, and the (b) the improved implementation of GEO, GEOSS, and Copernicus in the regions.

In this context, we kindly invite you to help us document your organisation’s capacities in terms of EO monitoring networks and infrastructures, and EO data modelling, exploitation and processing skills, by filling in the on-line questionnaire available on http://geocradle.eu/index.php/inventories/capacities/gc-survey1.

Your answers will be treated in the strictest confidentiality and will be used exclusively for the purpose of this research effort.

Why does EARSC need your help?
Your answers will help us to build a comprehensive picture of the Earth Observation capacities in the Balkans, North Africa and Middle East. Based on the survey results we will be able to:
(a) Support the establishment of integrated EO services that meet regional priorities;
(b) Contribute to the implementation of GEOSS and Copernicus in the region.

What is in it for you?
– Join a large, regional network of stakeholders;
– Gain access to important information and promote your capacities through our GEO-CRADLE portal and the Regional Data Hub;
– Participate in concrete community activities (e.g. setting regional priorities, contributing to working groups) that pave the way towards a future regional GEO and/or Copernicus initiative;
– Keep up-to-date with current collaboration and business opportunities in the region, networking events and EO-related news!

The survey will remain open for one month, until Wednesday, 18 May 2016.