Astrium GEO-Information Services is working with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) to ensure emergency response crews have access to critical information on the front line. Hampshire FRS is now using Astium GEO-Information Services’ SAFEcommand Vehicle-Mounted Data System in all of its 130 appliances across the county.

With SAFEcommand, fire crews now have access to the latest operational data including potential risks at an incident location – such as gas cylinder storage or how to gain access to particular stretch of river – from their in-cab terminal on the way to an emergency call. The SAFEcommand terminal enables crews to search rapidly for incident-specific information, ensuring that they arrive at the incident better informed, and that they can optimise their performance when on site in an emergency.

At HFRS, SAFEcommand replaces the service’s previous paper-based file system that was difficult to maintain and keep up-to-date. Now the data held on each appliance terminal is scheduled to update automatically twice a day – reflecting any recent inspection results carried out by the extended team and equipping firefighters with the very latest information collated by HFRS.

Paul Ingoldsby, Data Manager, from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, who has worked with the Astrium public safety team on the SAFEcommand implementation project, said: “We want to be the best fire and rescue service in the country, and are committed to making life safer for everyone by reducing risks in our local communities. As part of this drive we decided to implement SAFEcommand as it will dramatically speed up the time taken to update our records, and ensure that our front line staff have access to critical information that can enable faster responses in emergency situations.”

Andy Kerr, Astrium GEO-Information Services’ Senior Commercial Manager, added: “Key SAFEcommand benefits for emergency services include improved access to the latest incident information, improved response times and the accurate real-time location of resources. A central system for data consolidation and management also ensures the seamless delivery of critical operational response information to mobile resources such as Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services emergency crews.”

SAFEcommand solutions take advantage of the latest GIS-based systems and real-time mobile data communication to aid crews and control room staff. SAFEcommand also offers full support for multi-agency data sharing.