Innovative developers from Europe with experience in app development are invited to apply for admission to the Space App Camp by 3 March 2014.

The EU co-funded project S2G2M2 is inviting 20 developers to the European Space Agency in the Netherlands (including travel expenses and accommodation) for the chance to work with like-minded people, learn how to integrate satellite data into their mobile applications, and gain insight into European space programmes.

The participants in the Space App Camp will be selected based on the creativity of their previous works with regard to content, usability, design, and the underlying business concepts. Those interested will need to include links to published apps (Android or iOS platforms) and other references in their applications.

During the Space App Camp, the participants will be provided with access to satellite data designed to help them develop mobile applications in five predefined categories. The goal is to come up with working app prototypes that use data from Europe’s satellite navigation (Galileo/EGNOS) and Earth observation (Copernicus) programmes on mobile devices. Experience in integrating such data is not required to take part in the Space App Camp.

Those interested can apply to participate in the Space App Camp via an online registration form until 3 March 2014. Participants will be able to choose their preferred category, and can apply as teams of two or four. Those applying as teams of two will be grouped accordingly into teams of four.

Further information on the Space App Camp is available at