Event: Joint NCEO-CEOI Conference
Date and Time: 24th – 25thJune 2020

With just over 2 weeks until the joint NCEO-CEOI ‘virtual’ conference, the agenda and arrangements are being finalised, here is the outline agenda:

Day 1: Wednesday 24 June, 2020

Session 1 – NCEO Plenary and Parallel Sessions:
09:30 Welcome and Introduction – NCEO Plenary Session I

NCEO Parallel Sessions:

  • Data assimilation and uses
  • New EO science missions and retrieval methods
  • Global and regional processes, and model evaluation

Breakout sessions (3 in parallel)

12:30 Lunch Break

Session 2 – CEOI Plenary Session – EO Technologies:
13:30 Keynote Speaker – Prof Kai Bongs, UK National Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors & Metrology

  • Quantum Technology for a Future Gravity Mission Technology Developments in Current CEOI Projects, including:
    • Optics and Infra Red Technologies
    • Passive Microwave and Radar Technologies

16:30 Finish Day 1

Day 2: Thursday 25 June, 2020

Session 3 – Joint NCEO/CEOI Plenary – EO Missions:
09:00 ESA Earth Explorer Programme and EE11 Call

  • Overview of Earth Explorer Programme and the EE-11 Call
  • Update on current EE Missions led from UK
  • EE11 Mission Ideas *
  • Candidate Missions for EE11 Call (15-20 mins each)
  • Other EO Missions **
    • TRUTHS – An ESA EarthWatch Mission in Preparation
    • ESA Scout Missions
    • Payloads for SmallSat Missions

* EE-11 Mission Concepts – Final call for offers of EE11 talks (by 10 June).
** We will consider any other mission talks offered (by 11 June) for Part (3) if we can fit them in.

12:30 Lunch Break

13:30 Session 4 – NCEO Plenary and Parallel Sessions:
NCEO Plenary Session II – NCEO Parallel Sessions

  • Climate urgency: Climate data records, predictions and their exploitation
  • Progress in EO science, infrastructure and applications
  • Working internationally (ODA, GEO/CEOS, collaborations and networks, “international” studies and publications).

16:30 Conference Ends