One of the National Space Strategy (NSS) goals was to lead pioneering scientific discovery and inspire the nation. Fellowships are fixed-term, funded opportunities that can be leveraged to support professional and/or academic development and allow the NSS goal to be achieved.

Fellowships can support the translation of novel ideas and capabilities into technology and services, etc. ensuring they are market ready and enhancing knowledge exchange between academia and industry.

In addition, fellowships can enable academics to establish an independent research career, hence supporting the attraction, development and retention of academic talent in the UK, to ensure the UK becomes a science and technology superpower.

In this webinar, a variety of funding organisations in the UK will present several fellowship opportunities that are open to space-related academics. Each funding organisation will discuss how their remit relates to the space sector and how their fellowship opportunities can support space-related research.

They will have the opportunity to demonstrate success stories by sharing case studies and there will also be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions to the speakers.

If you would like to join this Satellite Applications Catapult webinar, please make follow the link below to register.