DIAS. What is it? Why is it?

Find out more by listening to the latest episode of the earth observation podcast from Alastair (@ajggeoger) and Andrew (@map_andrew).

These two industry experts discuss their first impressions of the Data and Information Access Services in this, part one of a two part mini-series.

They also cover SentinelSat, RADARSAT and deep learning in the News. If you have questions, comments or corrections then you can contact Scene from Above on Twitter using #scenefromabove or @eoscenefrom.

Season 4 Episode 4: DIAS Overview


Scene From Above needs your help to make a special episode.

Andrew and Alastair would like to have an episode where they hear about what you think is exciting in remote sensing.

So here’s your chance to record 2-3 minutes of audio (or write a couple of paragraphs, if you prefer) about what ever you like in the industry.

Please include your name and Twitter handle so they can name check you in the podcast.

They would be really interested to hear about cool things happening in your part of the world but please don’t make it a sales pitch for your own organisation – that won’t make the edit.

They do reserve the right to edit what you send, so that it fits the podcast format but they will try to keep the message true to what you are trying to say.

You can send your contributions to scenefromabovepodcast@gmail.com before April 25th 2019.