ISIC facilities funding to help accelerate the development of the Centre for Climate & Environmental Monitoring from Space (CEMS)

As part of the £8.5m National Space Technology Programme provided by the UK Space Agency, Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and SEEDA, funding has been allocated for Collaborative Research & Development projects that help accelerate the development of the Centre for Climate and Environmental Monitoring from Space (CEMS) through the International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC).

Barbara Ghinelli, Executive Chair of ISIC, commented, “ISIC believes that the CEMS programme will play an important role in developing the UK’s global leadership in understanding and helping to predict the impact of climate change. ISIC is well positioned as a resource to support Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other organisations in obtaining funding to use the ISIC facilities, which were specifically designed to help generate ideas for new technologies and innovative solutions.”

The ISIC facilities include the video-wall room, which houses a flexible, high impact display facility comprising a 7.2m x 2.3m, 30 megapixel 28-panel wall supported by high performance computational power, designed to enable organisations to explore, visualise and make use of satellite data and climate model simulations; a Security and Resilience Unit, designed for secure data handling and to ensure the integrity of data communications to and from the satellites; and the Applications Innovation Centre – an environment designed to “spark” new business ideas that use space derived data or technologies.

To help organisations understand more about CEMS and what the ISIC facilities have to offer, ISIC is participating in the TSB Information Day planned to take place between 9.30am and 12.30pm on Wednesday 9 November and will hold a focused CEMS workshop immediately following this event.

For more information please contact Karen Rogers at or on
+44 (0)7841 066839.