The UK Space Agency contracted London Economics to conduct this edition, covering the years 2015/16 and 2016/17 and have released the report that summarises the findings.

Some key findings and numbers related to earth observation include:

  • Earth Observation also achieved remarkable growth since 2014/15 (+£150m, growing at a rate of 25% per annum), to account for 3% of total UK space income.
  • Across all activities, Broadcasting dominates (51% of total income) followed by Communications (19%), Position, Navigation and Timing (12%), Defence (which has grown to 8%), and Earth Observation (3%).
  • It is estimated that wider UK industrial activities representing over £300 billion of UK non-financial business economy GDP (15.3%) are supported by satellite services and that Earth Observation satellite services support £92 billion of GDP (4.7%).

A copy of the full reports is available for download in the link below: