The UK Space Agency has announced that imagery from the UK’s share of NovaSAR data is now available via the SeDAS portal.

NovaSAR-1 is an S-band SAR satellite which has been optimised with several imaging modes, including a 6m resolution imaging mode for a range of applications, such as flood monitoring, agricultural, and forestry applications.

The sensor is also equipped with a maritime mode designed with a very wide swath area of 400km to enable the monitoring of the marine environment and will provide direct radar ship detection information simultaneously with AIS ship tracking data to assist with the identification and tracking of sea-going vessels.

NovaSAR is a commercial satellite, built and owned by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, with the UK having a 15% share of the data.

For the past year, the NovaSAR archive has been populated with imagery acquired from the UK’s background mission and tasking by Government users. Bespoke tasking requests for data from the UK’s share of NovaSAR data is currently at capacity and access is accordingly limited to viewing this imagery as it is transferred into the archive

All the imagery is free and open upon registration at the Catapult’s SEDAS portal and upon agreement of the EULA.