The UK Space Agency is seeking to identify UK organisations and institutes with the capability and desire to contribute to the development of the Payload Data Ground Segment for the MicroCarb mission.

The purpose of this call is to provide information on this opportunity, to articulate the expertise that is being sought to fulfil it and to seek expressions of interest from UK companies and organisations for consideration for this activity.

MicroCarb Background

MicroCarb is a satellite mission to launch in 2020 designed to map sources and sinks of carbon dioxide (CO2). Its dispersive spectrometer instrument will be able to measure the total column concentration of CO2 with a high degree of precision over the whole Earth, and on a regional scale to inform climate change decision making.

CNES has partnered with the UK Space Agency (UKSA) on MicroCarb and UKSA has committed to funding and delivering a number of activities for MicroCarb in the UK- including contributions to the development of parts of the Payload Ground Segment (PLGS)


Please forward all expressions of interest to Christopher McQuire at the UK Space Agency: by 12pm on Monday 13th November 2017.